Liopetri River watercolour by savva

Heading Out – Liopetri river – Watercolour by Savva

Liopetri River watercolour by savvaOn the road to Ayia Napa there’s the famous and most beautiful river of Liopetri. Adorned by it’s many little fishing boats, it’s a wonderful graphical place for the local fishermen to tie up their boats in rough weather. The view is spectacular and a true representation of a traditional Mediterranean fishing port. I was there today just as the last rays of the sun where falling on this amazing place. I hope you like the painting and hope you get a chance if you haven’t visited this place already to do so, especially late afternoon.


savva watercolour cyprus-saint lazaros church

Horse and Cart in Larnaca

This is the famous Saint Lazaros church in Larnaca. They said its going to be hot today and boy it was, lucky I was there first thing in the morning just as the sun was coming up, the coach and horses happened to pass by with tourists taking in the sights, Ok it wasn’t next to the church but I thought if I move them a bit it might make a better picture. Hope you like it.savva watercolour cyprus-saint lazaros church