Watercolour Workshops

It’s incredible what can be achieved by taking that extra step…

Workshops are conducted by request on a professional basis for art groups-societies throughout Australia-and also overseas on availability. Having extensive knowledge and experience in teaching and working in a variety of media, I do have available teaching times, however,with some consideration given to advanced notice.

It is advisable to make contact one year, or at least six months in advance to arrange suitable dates and times,chosen teaching medium,costing,etc.

Please feel welcome to contact me for further information.

Upcoming Workshop

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Hi everyone :) I think there’s only 1 or 2 spots left for my workshop at Sturt’s annual Summer School. It’s a wonderful location for painting and we will have a great time. I hope you can make it. Would love to see you there! :) For more details please follow the link below:

Savva workshops are aimed at anyone with a passion for drawing and watercolour painting.

Just like everyone I too had to start from ground level but with time and hard work, I have reached a stage that I feel I can be of help to anyone willing to share my passion for the art of watercolour.

Limiting the workshop to a small number of people, keeps the training personal. The time is dedicated to helping you move forward faster and achieve major progress in your drawing and painting in a short, but concentrated time frame. Courses can be personalised to your needs and interests.

In general my courses don’t have predefined dates, times, or even a set location. Unique in a way, they are totally adaptable to your personal needs and aspirations. Together we customise and refine the workshop so that it is tailored to suit you 100%.